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Consultancy and Conception for Spend Cubes & Spend Analyses,
Procurement Controlling and Predictive Analytics

If you are you currently looking for purchasing consultancy in:

  • Transparency in purchasing data,
  • Cost savings with analyses of potential and/or optimum commodity groups,
  • Defining fact-based purchasing strategies, or
  • Implementing efficient procurement controlling

then let our consulting team assist you in reaching your goals. Orpheus offers support in designing and implementing solutions as well as in training to use and maintain your procurement controlling systems.

Why would you want to hire an external consultant who only uses simple Excel spreadsheet analysis? As specialists, we introduce big data analyses and sophisticated analytical software to your projects. We will be happy to work in close cooperation with your preferred management and purchasing consultancy to combine the best of both worlds.

In addition, you may not only use our systems once but rather constantly and sustainable with the most up-to-date data from your respective ERP and/or Procurement Systems.

Orpheus offers support in designing, implementing and rolling-out solutions as well as in the daily usage of spend analytics and respectively procurement controlling solutions. For many years, Orpheus has been implementing projects in spend- and procurement-performance-management and has developed numerous products and solutions in this respect. We will gladly put our years of experiences to good use for your individual controlling systems.

Best Practices in Procurement Performance Management

Within the framework of consulting contracts, Orpheus offers its customers Best Practices in many different areas:

  • Analyses of cost savings-potential from your data (SAP and non-SAP)
  • Definition and calculation of correct procurement key figures
  • Correct application of initiatives and savings tracker in purchasing
  • Development of performance management and measurement concepts
  • Definition and activation of effective purchasing levers
  • Utilization of advanced analytics for spend management
  • Utilization of predictive analytics and simulation techniques in strategic sourcing
  • Assessment of data quality
  • Recommendations for data quality improvements
  • Organization of purchasing documents (re:commodity group clusters)
  • Categorization and clustering of suppliers and items
  • Master data cleansing and elimination of inconsistencies
  • LPP- and TCO-analyses

Consulting packages for analyses of potential, measurement concepts and coaching/training

Combining years of experience in purchasing and supply chain management with state of the art methods of data management and data analytics, we identify and realize fact-based business optimization measurements in purchasing and supply chain management.


With Procurement-Scan, we identify potential areas of cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, liquidity improvement and optimization of your supplier base.

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For analysis of potential, we use our software-tools “SpendControl” and “DataCategorizer” as well as Analysis BOTs. The Procurement Scan includes the following service features:

  • Identification of potential area of cost reduction, liquidity improvement and efficiency enhancement
  • Systematic and fact-based assessment of purchasing performance in relation to leading practices and benchmarking
  • Identification of measurements for purchasing optimization based on transactional indicators, procurement volume, supply management, demand profiles, supplier structure, category complexity, etc.
  • Spend- and supplier profiling per category as the basis for the strategic category management
  • Reduction of costs, improvement of liquidity, optimization of process efficiency and increase of effective purchasing function

Learn About...Concepts

Performance measurement and measurement of value contribution, based on concepts of particular key figures, are shifting increasingly into the CFO’s mandate.

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We support you in developing an appropriate concept to measure your purchasing performance and to successfully implement new processes involved.

  • Definition of necessary benchmarks (base lines) to measure purchasing successes
  • Definition of key figures to measure purchasing successes (reduction of costs, cost avoidance, improvement of liquidity)
  • Specification of purchasing approaches that lead to measurable success in purchasing
  • Specification of processes, activities as well as roles and responsibilities within the standardized ppm-process

Benefit From…Coaching

After having implemented
the software and in order to fully exploit the potential of our solutions, workshops and coaching are offered.

Consultation session

In order to derive corresponding strategies and measures from data analytics, staff support is provided through user training, expert training and coaching.

  • Provision of trainings for users
  • Realizing process-specific trainings with regard to strategic sourcing for the conduction of analyses of potential, definition of commodity group strategy, preparation and accomplishment of tenders

Outsourcing: Rent a cube manager

Managing a big data solution is no small task. At Orpheus, we provide the strong team of IT and business professionals that you need. An experienced cube manager manages the further development of your BI system in close cooperation with your internal IT.

Our cube managers work closely with various business departments to collect requirement lists for KPIs and analyses, assess them for plausibility, and clarify the implementation with IT.

  • Outsource spend controls to Orpheus experts
  • Delegate routine tasks and data management to specialists
  • Profit from extensive expertise
DataCategorizer - Professional Services, Rent a cube manager
Scope of service

Cube managers are employees of Orpheus and serve as the single point of contact for all questions and concerns regarding a BI application. They also act as the prime liasson between IT and business departments.

Planning and coordinating analyses

Cube managers coordinate new reporting requirements with IT and business departments.

Creating analyses
and KPIs

Cube managers create analyses and, if necessary, new KPIs on their own.

Monitoring ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load)

Cube managers monitor the process of extracting ERP data and loading it to the Orpheus cube.

Validating data uploads into the Orpheus cube

Cube managers work together with business departments to validate data loaded into the cube and check the reports based on it.

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