SpendControl – What’s that?

SpendControl is a comprehensive software designed to provide a platform for significant cost savings through automated procurement analytics and spend management. Our software encompasses KPIs, analytical metrics and other key features needed for optimization of professional procurement management.

Easy integration of procurement data from any ERP-system (e.g. SAP, Navision, Oracle, etc.) within spend cube matrices is achieved via proven interfaces.

An extensive library of purchasing indicators resp. KPI coupled with standard reports provide in-depth spend, price or savings analysis with just a few clicks.

By enhancing new insight into your spend data and automating procurement analyses, SpendControl provides a platform for significant cost savings.

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Create full Spend Transparency

  • Full transparency of prices and procurement volume
  • Volume bundling & and usage of framework agreements
  • Internal and external benchmarking

Creating transparency with SpendControl. For further information on how SpendControl helps create transparency within your purchasing data, please click here: Creating transparency with SpendControl.


Measure financial savings as well as any kind of purchasing success

  • PPV –product price variance
  • Budget savings
  • Negotiation successes
  • Index savings

Properly measure cost reduction as well as cost avoidance with SpendControl. More information can be found here: Measure all your savings with SpendControl.


Keep Track of all KPIs

  • Evaluation of prices and price variations
  • Cost driver identification
  • Currency and raw material effects
  • Analysis of inventory, payment targets and terms

Bear all KPIs in mind, all at a glance. For further information, click here: keep track of all KPIs with SpendControl.


Generate perfect and automated reporting

  • Manager optimized graphic report visualization
  • Automatic report generation and distribution
  • Ad-hoc queries

Generate perfect reporting. More information can be found here: Details about SpendControl.

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