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Benefit from the numerous advantages
Orpheus.Cloud offers you.


Reach transparency by classification, consolidation and harmonization of your data.

data quality

Create the basis for a meaningful reporting and useful comparability of your data.

Dashboards &

Obtain a quick overview of your KPIs and relevant procurement figures.


Detailed analyses to identify potentials as well as the biggest cost drivers.

Find & raise
savings potentials

Identify savings potentials and detect trends & data anomalies.

Easy import
of your data

Import via uploading Excel-based data and automated ERP-interfaces.


No complex implementation phase – Orpheus.Cloud is ready to go!

Minimize capabilites

Orpheus.Cloud goes easy on your IT resources & is simple to use by your purchasing department.

No need for
a time-consuming

In our online demo, we show you how Orpheus.Cloud | Spend Analytics helps you obtain meaningful dashboards and procurement KPIs

Online Demo!

Easy import of your purchasing data

Import of relevant purchasing data via uploading Excel-files. There is no need for a complex setup via database connections. Start immediately!

Dashboards and KPIs

As soon as your data has been successfully imported and matched, our system generates visualizations and makes them available to the browser. You then get a first overview of your spend.

Classification of procurement data

Create transparency in your data through a semi-automated consolidation of suppliers and classification of purchasing documents (invoices, orders).

Match data effortlessly

A simple data matching is sufficient to be able to process the imported purchasing data in the following reporting.

This mapping is the basis for a valid structure of the data model.

Supplier consolidation

In the next step, your spend is being assigned into categories to identify duplicates and merge sub-contractors into an hierarchical supplier structure.

Create classification rules

By assigning invoices into respective categories, classification rules are generated automatically to ease this process for the next data import.

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Professional analytics &
procurement methods!

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