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  • Calculating and Analyzing Material Price Variance (MPV) - 6 Basic Rules

    Material price variance – sometimes also referred to as material cost variance (MCV) – is an essential key indicator for spend managers. It is important because it is a central measure for the success of procurement relevant to profit and loss. It sets...

  • 4 Steps: Predictive Analytics in Procurement

    Identify interdependencies, support forecasts, detect price risks early on and illustrate savings potentials with correlation and regression calculations

  • The 6 Savings Types

    Procurement answers for a large cost block, especially in manufacturing companies or in trade enterprises. This cost block should be managed. Savings should be achieved and performance should be verifiable. In this article, we will present you with a...

  • Indirect Purchasing: Transparency, potential analysis and performance measurement

    In many companies, the purchase of so-called direct materials that are incorporated into the final products is part of the core business. These purchases make up approx. 70% to 85% of the purchasing volume within the manufacturing industry. All other...

  • 3 Steps to improve Data Transparency in direct and indirect purchasing

    A classification of procurement data – in other words, the purchase vouchers such as invoices and orders – is the second most time-consuming step in the implementation of an efficient Spend Management system.

  • Calculate the benefits of transparency in purchasing in 6 steps

    suppliers, can be identified across all divisions, business branches and companies. This can only be achieved if the material (groups), suppliers and prices for the goods and services were extracted, merged and harmonized from the various information...

  • Procurement Performance Measurement

    Procurement Performance is a question of the definition. Every organization has a somewhat different understanding as to what should apply as a success and thus influence the added value of the purchase . Procurement Performance Measurement provides an...

  • How to Introduce Successful Initiative Management in Procurement (Part 2)

    In many companies, initiative management and controlling still only play a minor role. Orpheus set out to understand the reasons and “stumbling blocks” and has illustrated essential “design criteria” in this article that play a large role in the...

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