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Orpheus’ single source of truth solution is the result of years of experience in data extraction, combination, and improvement. Through a direct link to the source systems, we provide the most up-to-date basis for analytics.

We combine the best of two worlds –scalable software and the latest technology in combination with the ability to create custom use cases leveraging our global team of procurement and data engineering experts.

Featured Impact


I am proud to bring to my clients not only a best-in-class software solution that is globally deployed, but also our capability and capacity to tailor it to their specific needs and to advise on how to improve for impact.

Alejandra Jiménez, Manager of Solution Delivery

Featured Capabilities

Enabling better decision-
making based on analytics
and actionable insights.

Orpheus brings a proven, comprehensive ETL process
and data model with the ability to adapt and expand
to our client’s systems and needs.

Multiple out-of-the-box 
native ERP integrations

Would you like to learn more
about how Orpheus solutions can
help your organization?

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?


Benefit from our modular building blocks

Our core competence is combining and improving data on a refreshable basis to enable analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Nahtlose Integration Ihrer ERP- und Lösungslandschaft

Seamless integration of your ERP and solution landscape

Creating a secure, refreshable, and one-click data pipeline on line-item level across our clients’ source systems and point solutions.

Konsistenz der Daten über Quell Systeme

Data consistency across source systems

Harmonization of heterogenous data models, leveraging intelligent ETL process based on deep functional expertise.

Flexibel Datenmodell

Flexible data model

Our data model is designed for adding further data to achieve combinatorial, advanced analytics.

Angereicherte und bereinigte Daten

Enriched and cleansed data

Consolidation and categorization of data on line-item level leveraging a global supplier knowledge base and our AI-based data categorization engine.

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