Plan, forecast, and measure the impact of savings initiatives and more

Integrated Impact Management is a project management system for savings initiatives. It allows you to identify, plan, manage, and monitor savings initiatives and anchor them in practice with the built-in link to spend data. The real-time monitoring mechanism enables an always up-to-date overview of all planned, achieved, and forecasted savings.

Its collaborative features facilitate better communication and collaboration among different teams within and outside of procurement, leading to more effective implementation and value capture.

It also significantly reduces the administrative burden of generating reports and controlling. The pipeline transparency achieved allows for greater focus on value and a more proactive, strategic and savings-focused procurement function.

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Our clients have achieved billions of dollars in savings using our streamlined Integrated Impact Management solution. Further, they can significantly improve process governance and transparency in their savings pipeline for enhanced reporting.

Martin Schade, Expert for Integrated Impact Management

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Integrated Impact Management seamlessly weaves together spend intelligence and initiative management in a modern and collaborative platform

Leverage a centralized platform to execute all procurement projects and opportunities. Stay updated and make timely decisions and adjust priorities.

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Would you like to learn more
about how Orpheus solutions can
help your organization?

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?


Planning, forecasting, and monitoring of initiatives

Proactively demonstrate value contribution

Proactively demonstrate value contribution

A built-in best-in-class savings guideline with tailored savings scenarios and levers to easily demonstrate procurement’s value contribution.

Get holistic controlling capabilities

Get holistic controlling capabilities

Identify opportunities, execute them and solve P&L reconciliation leveraging our spend cube and end-to-end tracking process.

Automate performance measurement

Automate performance measurement

Real-time monitoring of procurement performance metrics and initiatives across the entire savings life cycle.

React in a timely manner

React in a timely manner

Identify deviations between forecasted and achieved savings and take appropriate countermeasures in time.

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