Orpheus Digital Backbone

Built a Connected World for all Data Sources in Procurement

What is a Digital Backbone?

Orpheus Digital Backbone is a central, intelligent data hub, that integrates all globally dispersed data sources, information from isolated data silos as well as relevant purchasing data that is being stored in external cloud platforms.

Data from internal systems and data sources can be enriched and combined with external information and self-generated content. Orpheus Digital Backbone is equipped with various algorithms as well as methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What are the main technological benefits of Orpheus Digital Backbone?

On the one hand, the data quality can be improved by cleansing the data via automatable AI methods.

On the other hand, the applied AI methods help harmonize, standardize and connect all heterogenous, often multilingual and poorly structured data. All data from internal systems as well as from external cloud platforms and services can be integrated.

(Raw) data is therefore transformed into consistent, high-quality information that can subsequently be used for comparisons and benchmarks. In addition, their semantics are clearly described.

How can Orpheus Digital Backbone support the digital transformation of procurement and supply chain?

Cleansed and harmonized information provided by Digital Backbone is an essential requirement for digitalization projects in procurement, finances and supply chain management. SRM-, P2P-, RfX-, and PLM-Contract Management and SLC systems can easily tap onto this cleansed and semantically enriched data base in order to deliver important added values.

Orpheus Digital Backbone is the digital enabler for SRM and P2P implementations as well as for further procurement systems and cloud services. It is a literal backbone for all digitalization and automation projects in procurement and supply chain management.

Predefined interfaces for apps and services

Providing necessary API-interfaces by default, external systems and services can easily tap onto Digital Backbone. You can thus immediately start without additional programming efforts. Integration costs are therefore kept at a minimum and your internal IT department is barely affected by the implementation.

Your external source systems and cloud services are provided with cleansed, harmonized and consolidated data in order to fully exploit their efficiency and added values.

Orpheus Digital Backbone integrates all data from various source systems in procurement and improves your data quality in order to generate useful and therefore comparable information that can be further analyzed at any given time. Therefore, we are raising added values that are hidden within your data!

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