At Orpheus we strive to provide our clients with an innovative
offering, helping them to unlock faster and better decision-making
based on data transparency and advanced analytics.

Our Offerings

Orpheus’ software and services are
structured along three dimensions of
transparency, insights, and impact.

We will be your trusted impact partner wherever you are in your analytics journey: Through our unique combination
of software and services,we create transparency as a foundation for analytics, bring innovative analyses for insights
based on profound McKinsey procurement expertise, and provide modules to turn insights to impact.


A reliable single-source-of-truth and high data quality are the foundations for impactful analytics and decision-making. Creating spend transparency is our core competence.

Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

Through extracting, ingesting, and transforming data from your source systems and external data sources, we create a refreshable single-source-of-truth on a line-item level.

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Data Cleansing & Categorization

Data Cleansing & Categorization

Improving data quality by leveraging our unique Global Supplier Knowledge Base and a Data Categorization engine creates a step change in accuracy and validates the single source of truth.

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We provide comprehensive analyses on your entire spend and combine analytics with market, index, and risk data for enhanced impact. Our dedicated Analytics Innovation Hub constantly works on next-level analytics and makes sure they reflect your current and future needs.

 Spend & Opportunity Analytics

Spend & Opportunity Analytics

Brings footprint, pattern, (in)consistency type of analytics across different user journeys on your spend data to drive insights, ideas, and mitigate exposure and risk.

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Extended Combinatorial Data Analytics

Extended Combinatorial Data Analytics

Based on real insights, this solution enables you to take necessary actions to mitigate supply chain disruptions, ensure alignment with corporate sustainability goals, and respond to market trends in a timely manner.

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Carbon & Sustainability Analytics

Carbon & Sustainability Analytics

Boost your impact beyond savings by enriching your reporting with sustainability data. Our solution supports you in analyzing and optimizing your emission baseline.

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Category Strategy & Market Analytics

Category Strategy & Market Analytics

Enables you to determine the most impactful actions you can take to optimize your spend by leveraging category- specific transactional data.

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Through our integrated measure management and savings tracking module, our solution ensures that insights become actions, and that reported savings can be reconciled to actual baseline figures.

Integrated Impact Management

Integrated Impact

A project and workflow management system for savings initiatives to identify, plan, manage, and monitor sourcing initiatives and ground them in reality with a built-in link to spend data.

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Managed Insights Services & Capability Building

Managed Insights Services
& Capability Building

Building on our leading software products, we offer our clients the opportunity to develop their skills by applying a comprehensive suite of analytics to drive value.

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