Actionable spend insights for procurement value capture

Combining service and software we elevate the focus of spend analytics, creating actionable insights to guide procurement strategy development and execution. By infusing best-in-class technology and AI-based analytics with deep supply-market and category-sourcing expertise, and by innovating with service delivery models including outsourcing, we help clients unlock value in their procurement data.

wouldn’t it be great if

Spend visibility

... we had complete transparency on our spend at the invoice and order item level, and all records were categorized at the lowest possible level (L4)?

Spend consolidation

... we could harmonize and consolidate procurement data (e.g., suppliers, materials) across multiple ERP systems, sites, geographies and/or subsidiaries?

Category strategy

... we had a standard method to create and discuss fact-based category strategies?

Meaningful analysis

... we could easily access and navigate through all our data and metrics to create insights, reports, and ad hoc analysis?

Actionable insights

... we could enrich our data with external sources, integrated with spend, to create actionable insights?

Manage initiatives

... we had a tool-supported, standardized, automated process to accurately track and measure the value of procurement initiatives?

How we are helping our clients

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - transparency Orpheus, a McKinsey company - transparency

Full spend transparency

Data from 21 different ERP systems, with more than 30k suppliers in over 17 countries integrated

Consolidation of creditors from ~80k suppliers to 65k suppliers

Fine-granular classification of 97 percent of spend using the Industry BiC category taxonomy

Customized visualizations to specific client needs

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - benchmarking Orpheus, a McKinsey company - benchmarking

Rapid insight generation

Benchmarking of total and category specific spend to set a cost reduction target of 14 percent (Industry BiC)

Identified short-term savings opportunities (e.g., harmonisation of the price of the same item) with immediate ROI

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - data enrichment Orpheus, a McKinsey company - data enrichment

Data enrichment with category expertise

Collected spend data from suppliers to enrich the data set and perform savings analysis LPP and cleansheet analysis for key spend categories

Quantified TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) procurement levers for key spend categories

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - value generation Orpheus, a McKinsey company - value generation

Significant value generation

Develop and track more than 300 savings opportunities for total savings of > $40 million

Orpheus Value Key

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?


Engagement based

As part of an ongoing McKinsey project, Orpheus supports McKinsey's teams with its products and services. From software implementation, through the classification of data and its analysis, to the automatic calculation of key indicators/KPIs and (internal) benchmarks, as well as the identification of potential efficiency and savings, we undertake the complete spend analysis.

Subscription based

With this package we offer clients a complete Analytics & Performance Service based on our software products. The service is provided periodically (e.g. monthly or quarterly) by our expert consultants and data scientists and implements a highly specialized BPO outsourcing of their procurement analytics.

Tech-license based

For clients that only want to use our technical platform, the software modules, we offer a licensing option. You can license the the software products you need and we take care of the implementation and offer you our worldwide remote support for all technical questions that may arise. Additional services can be added as necessary.

Products of the Orpheus Value Key

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Digital Backbone

Digital Backbone

Creation of a connected world of all data sources in procurement. Orpheus Digital Backbone is a central, intelligent data hub that integrates all globally distributed data, from isolated data silos to data stored in external cloud platforms. Digital Backbone helps to combine all relevant procurement data with financial and technical data and to enrich it with external market data or data from highly specialized data providers.

Orpheus Digital Backbone ensures easy integration of all procurement relevant information as well as innovative analysis options for the collected data. With the Orpheus Data Categorizer, your raw data stored in the Digital Backbone can be transformed into consistent, classified & consolidated information that can then be used for advanced analysis, comparison and benchmarking.

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Data Categorizer

Data Categorizer

Semantic data management to improve data quality and spend transparency. Data Categorizer is an AI-based framework that implements various functions for Semantic Data Management (SDM). SDM improves the quality and structure of procurement and financial data of all kinds. Text mining methods and AI-based classification algorithms support and automate the structuring of data according to a standard taxonomy or a taxonomy individually specified by the customer.

Orpheus' Data Categorizer is capable of structuring even the most extensive data sets in a semantically sound manner to provide the basis for advanced analytics and analysis automation. Hierarchical data algorithms help to group similar articles and suppliers and to create supplier families and trees (consolidation).

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Spend Control

Spend Control

An integrated solution for procurement analytics and controlling. It offers an innovative platform for transparency, analytical "insights", fact-based strategy development and procurement optimization. Spend Control includes all relevant procurement KPIs, reports and dashboards and other key functions required to optimize each procurement category and procurement organization.

An extensive library of procurement KPIs, combined with pre-built standard reports, enables detailed spend, price or savings analysis with just a few clicks.

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Advisory Center

Advisory Center & BOTs

Orpheus Analysis BOTs automate many routine tasks for today's busy lead buyers and category managers. The software automatically analyzes data and suggests alert-relevant KPIs & data patterns, unused potential or outliers in data. Analysis BOTs create free capacity so that buyers can concentrate on their core strategic tasks and leverage additional potential. Analysis BOTs help companies to preserve their world-class knowledge because they can store it securely in "programmable software BOTs" for regular reuse.

The BOTs can be trained to meet the specific needs and alert levels required by a company and its users. In addition, a feedback learning mechanism is provided to improve learning skills and make the BOTs smarter and more sophisticated over time. BOTs can be defined very easily.

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Category Analytics

Category Analytics

Companies managing billions of dollars in spend are turning to their Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and procurement teams to identify the spend optimization measures that will have the greatest impact. But given the vast amounts of data generated and the many possible levers for different categories of spend, it's difficult to know where to focus and where the greatest potential lies.

Category Analytics Solution (CAS) "leverages" the category-specific transaction data to identify the most effective actions that teams can take to immediately optimize spending and meet their goals. It covers category-specific commercial, demand and process levers.

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Impact Tracker

Impact Tracker

Impact Tracker is a software for planning, forecasting and monitoring savings initiatives, for controlling the procurement organization via target figures & initiatives and for measuring procurement performance. It gives you the opportunity to react early on to deviations between target and actual figures.

Impact Tracker enables the mapping and planning of procurement projects and activities, and their assignment to relevant teams -> Initiatives Controlling / Savings Tracking. Impact Tracker is open for any kind of "indirect/direct" efficiency levers such as Design to Cost or classic savings levers of procurement. Impact Tracker contains preconfigured templates of initiative types, e.g., Product Substitution or Mixed Savings - cost reduction and avoidance, etc.

Implementation scenarios

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Benefit from the full power of Orpheus solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation. We offer a powerful, highly scalable and very flexible solution with the full scope of our software offering.

On Premise

In addition to the delivery through SaaS, we also offer the majority of our solutions as an on-premise variant. This does not include some highly innovative applications that are only available as SaaS variants.

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