Orpheus Solution Landscape

Orpheus Value Key


Digital Backbone & Visualisation

Data hosting and data virtualization layer enabling connectivity between data sources, solution modules, and embedded or external visualization tools

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Data Connectivity & Transformation

ERP data extraction and connectivity to further data sources. Data profiling, ingestion, filtering, and intelligent transformation to build a consistent data model

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Data Cleansing & Categorization

Automated AI and reference data driven data quality assessment, supplier harmonization, and spend classication with intuitive user interfaces

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Dashboards & Insights

Guided insights, ideation, KPI tracking, spend patterns, working capital optimization, budget control, carbon emissions analytics, and more

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Analysis & Ideation

Price structure alignment and assessment of portfolio opportunities (X-Ray), price variance, indices (ICM), and category analytics for indirect spend (CAS)

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Integration & Ecosystem

Interfaces and connectivity to external and McKinsey solutions for risk assessment and mitigation, product teardowns using cleansheets, and sustainability

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Alerting & Recommendations

Automation of analytics including alerting functionality. Intuitive creation framework assistants with feedback learning to easily add new use-cases

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Impact & Savings Tracking

Planning, forecasting, and monitoring of initiatives. Savings reporting integrated with actual spend data for consistent tracking of plan figures against actuals

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Engagement based

As part of an ongoing McKinsey project, Orpheus supports McKinsey’s teams with its solutions and services. From software implementation, through to data classification and analysis, to automated calculation of key indicators/KPIs and (internal) benchmarks, as well as the identification of potential efficiency and savings.

Subscription based

With this package we offer clients a complete Analytics & Performance Service based on our software products. The service is provided periodically (e.g., monthly or quarterly) by our expert consultants and data scientists and implements a highly specialized BPO outsourcing of their procurement analytics.

Tech-license based

For clients that only want to use our technical platform or certain software modules, we offer flexible licensing options. You can license the software products you need— we take care of the implementation and offer you our global remote support for all technical questions that may arise. Additional services can be added as necessary.

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?

Implementation scenarios

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Benefit from the full power of Orpheus solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation. We offer a powerful, highly scalable, and very flexible solution for the full scope of our software offering.

On Premises

In addition to Software as a Service, we offer on-premises implementations for most of our solutions. This does not include some highly innovative applications that are only available as SaaS applications.

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