We combine years of software solution development experience
with McKinsey’s expertise in procurement and supply chain
analytics to deliver bottom- and top-line impact.

Depending on concrete business needs, we offer a comprehensive, modular, out-of-the-box solution and the ability to create tailored analytics use cases by co-innovating with clients on forward-looking topics.

To ensure impact, we offer software solution implementation, capability building, and the consulting services required for the full adoption of Orpheus.

Helping you to accelerate and optimize decision-making

Our offerings support you along three dimensions of transparency, insights, and impact.


A reliable single-source-of-truth and high data quality are the foundation of impactful analytics and decision-making. Creating spend transparency is our core competence.

We have state-of-the-art ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes to harmonize and transform transactional and master data across data sources into a single-source-of-truth.

We cleanse, structure, and enrich data by leveraging our global Supplier Knowledge Base and Data Categorization & Data Management Engine.

In our approach, we set up a single- source-of-truth at your site once and enable you to operate our software modules for sustained data quality on a permanent and refreshable basis.


We provide comprehensive analyses on your entire spend and combinatorial analytics with, e.g., market, index, and risk data for enhanced impact.

Our dedicated Analytics Innovation Hub constantly works on next-level analytics and ensures that current and future needs are reflected. We combine McKinsey experience with co-innovation with our clients.

Our specific Carbon & Sustainability Analytics module combines your spend with McKinsey’s Catalyst Zero offering to provide transparency on your scope-3 emissions. Catalyst Zero can also help you to embark and accelerate your decarbonization journey.

Category specific requirements are addressed through deep-dive modules, including access to McKinsey category and sourcing experts.


Through our integrated measure management and savings tracking module (WAVE by McKinsey), our solution ensures that insights turn into actions, and that reported savings can be reconciled to actual baselines.

We offer alerting and recommendation functionality to automatically monitor KPIs, trigger actions, and reduce your own workload.

Our complementary offering of insights workshops, capability building, and data- driven performance dialogues will help you maximize adoption and impact with Orpheus.

What’s in it for you

Single Source of Truth

Software and services portfolio

By combining services and software we elevate the focus on spend analytics, creating actionable insights
to guide procurement strategy developmentand execution. Infusing best-in-class technology and AI-based
analytics with deep supply-market and category-sourcing expertise, and by innovating with service
delivery models including outsourcing, we help clients unlock value in their procurement data.

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Deployment MODELS

Subscription based
Software as a Service (SaaS)

Benefit from the full power of Orpheus solutions as a SaaS implementation. We offer a powerful, highly scalable, and very flexible solution for the full scope of our offering.

Software subscription options include access to on-demand services such as capability building, insights workshops, or category expertise, either as a one-off project or on an ongoing basis.

McKinsey engagement based
Orpheus provision

Orpheus regularly supports McKinsey teams with solutions and services – from software implementation, data classification, and analysis to automated calculation of KPIs and benchmarks as well as the identification of potential efficiency levers and savings.

This allows you to benefit from Orpheus’ one-off implementation, with the option to convert to a subscription-based SaaS thereafter.

Flexible technical deployment models

Orpheus offers various technical deployment options and integration depths, depending on your ERP
and cloud analytics strategy – with a SaaS option on Digital Backbone as “Orpheus Platform” or on “Orpheus on SAP BTP”.

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