About Orpheus

Who we are:

  • Orpheus GmbH is the leading software vendor for spend & savings management, procurement performance measurement and Big/Smart data analytics in strategic procurement.
  • Its AI algorithms and semantic data management enable procurement professionals to recognize hidden bundling and savings potentials.

Orpheus was founded by Dr. Joerg Dittrich and Michael Lauer in 2005. The company is based in Nuremberg, Germany, and has an office in Mainz.

International clients, innovative DAX and MDAX companies as well as large midsize companies utilize our software modules. Contact us to learn more about our references.

About Orpheus

How does artificial intelligence enable more transparent spend controls?

About Orpheus

Orpheus is a software vendor that specializes in strategic procurement. We use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create transparency on all spend data across the enterprise. BOTs, which are short for robots, automatically recognize and report abnormalities as well as areas for potential savings or higher efficiency. An integrated initiative tracker plans and controls all initiatives for boosting efficiency up until their implementation.

Orpheus has built vast experience in these fields in over a decade of hands-on experience in international spend projects in cooperation with leading management consultancies.

Based on these best practices, we have developed innovative spend control software algorithms and analytics. Our clients take advantage of this expertise through our software.

Our core business divisions at Orpheus are software development, project implementation, and professional services. We support and coach clients to analyze spend data (data science), recognize savings potential in product categories, create concepts to measure success, derive initiatives, optimize category management, and drive strategy based on data (product group strategies).

Standard software from Orpheus

The software suite from Orpheus covers the following areas of strategic procurement:

  • AI semantic data management that automatically prepares, cleanses, harmonizes, and classifies spend data to improve quality and enable comparisons (DataCategorizer)
  • Transparent spend data including standardized, automated spend reporting (SpendControl)
  • Spend controls with key performance indicators (SpendControl)
  • AI analytics to examine untapped potential using automated analytic BOTs (i.e. robots) (DataCategorizer)
  • Planning, monitoring, and measuring successful spends (InitiativeTracker)
  • Financial savings management and savings tracking (InitiativeTracker)

The software solutions from Orpheus bring transparency to your spend data. Shed unprecedented light on the spend volume of indirect and direct product categories. Work with comparable data and facts across all organizational units and companies across the enterprise. Measure the success of your procurement programs. Plan and manage cost reduction initiatives. Improve liquidity (working capital) and create measurable value in your procurement processes.

Orpheus extracts vital information and insights in procurement and automates reporting. Through dashboards and regular evaluations, authorized users receive a complete view of spend activities, additional savings potential, and the actual success of applied initiatives.

About Orpheus

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