The story behind Orpheus

Orpheus is a leading software vendor for spend and cost analytics and performance measurement in procurement. We create full spend visibility in order to identify hidden potential within purchasing data streams to generate actionable spend insights for procurement value capture.

Orpheus was founded by Dr. Joerg Dittrich and Michael Lauer in 2005. The company is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, and has additional offices in the United States, India, and Poland. After McKinsey acquired Orpheus in early 2020, the company now operates as Orpheus, a McKinsey company, and brings an innovative offering combining software and services to its clients.

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Transparency in procurement data
Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Artificial Intelligence wirth Advisory Center & BOTs

Actionable spend insights for procurement value capture

Combining services and software, we elevate the focus of spend analytics, creating actionable insights to guide procurement strategy development and execution. We help clients unlock value in their purchasing data, providing actionable insights that help capture more impact in procurement, sustainably. We do so by infusing best-in-class technology and AI-based analytics with deep supply-market and category-sourcing expertise, and by innovating service delivery models, including outsourcing.

Together with our clients, we tackle and overcome typical challenges in procurement like poor spend-data quality, dispersed data, or unsustainable data. Our tools enable us to go from spotty, fragmented, and distributed data to full spend transparency and actionable insights.

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?

Would you like to learn more about how Orpheus solutions can help your organization?

Best-in-class software and advanced analytics platforms

Orpheus has built vast expertise in the fields of procurement and finance data analytics in almost two decades of hands-on experience in international spend transformation projects. Based on these best practices, we have developed our innovative spend analytics suite.

This software suite covers value-creating areas of strategic procurement. After extracting all relevant data using Digital Backbone, our AI-based Data Categorizer automatically prepares procurement data for further analytical processing by cleansing, harmonizing, classifying, and comparing the data. Spend Control then uses the resulting data transparency to provide standardized and automated spend analyses and KPIs. For indirect as well as direct category analytics, we have our Category Analytics module, which category managers use to gain new strategic insights and take immediate action. In a further step, our Advisory Center and bots help the user automatically identify and leverage hidden savings potential using various AI methods. This savings potential and its performance can then be planned, steered, and measured with the Impact Tracker module.

Orpheus, a McKinsey company - Advanced analytics platform

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