What is InitiativeTracker?

InitiativeTracker is a full featured suite for planning, steering, controlling and administering of sourcing initiatives. You can use this software to plan and create sourcing initiatives, define savings targets, assign responsible staff members or teams to initiatives, determine sourcing levers, set activities and milestones, as well as monitor and analyze them easily by using innovative visualizations and dashboards.

You simply describe which activities are planned by which employee in which time frame as well as how high you expect these savings to be. Using the integrated savings tracker, you can easily define planned savings and their underlying drivers as well as categorize and compare them with budget data or benchmark figures.

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Initiative Management in procurement

Plan sourcing projects & savings

  • Cockpits for all sourcing and savings initiatives
  • Savings levers and categories
  • Activities and activity owners
  • Deadlines and milestones

Further information and details about project planning & savings planning in procurement with InitiativeTracker can be found here Procurement planning with InitiativeTracker


Steer and control initiatives

  • Automatic data consolidation
  • 5-step process (customizable)
  • Plan, forecast und actual figures
  • Realtime & ad hoc analyses

Control an measure initiatives in procurement with InitiativeTracker, more Information you can find here: unter Control initiatives with InitiativeTracker


Measure purchasing performance

  • All kinds of savings
  • Savings by categories
  • Discrepancies with planned savings
  • Impacts on the P&L

Successfully measure procurement success with InitiativeTracker, you can find more information here: Measure procurement success with InitiativeTracker

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