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Initiative Management, planning & tracking

InitiativeTracker – What’s that?

InitiativeTracker is a software to

  • Plan and monitor sourcing initiatives,
  • Control your purchasing organization by planned values and measures,
  • Measure your purchasing performance and
  • React early to differences between target and actual figures.

The software allows you to map and plan purchasing projects and activities, and to assign them to responsible staff members or teams. Key word: “Initiative Controlling”. Planned savings can be compared to realized figures. In addition, purchasing performance can be conveniently represented by means of analyses.

Using InitiativeTracker, you can keep track of all saving initiatives and view the degree of target achievements in real-time.

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Initiative Management in procurement

Plan Sourcing Projects and Savings

  • Identification of all your sourcing initiatives with one single software tool
  • Choice of different purchasing levers
  • Assignment of every initiative to a certain activity and a specific staff member
  • Use of deadlines and milestones

For further information and details about project and savings planning in procurement using InitiativeTracker, please click here: Purchasing Planning with InitiativeTracker.


Plan, Control and Measure Initiatives

  • Automatic data consolidation for all initiatives
  • 5-stage-implementation-process (customizable)
  • Plan, forecast and actual figures always in view
  • Realtime and ad-hoc analyses

Control and measure your initiatives in procurement with InitiativeTracker. More information can be found here: Control initiatives with InitiativeTracker.


Measure Purchasing Performance and Success

  • All types of savings and performances at a glance
  • Savings measurable by categories
  • Deviations: actuals vs. planned figures vs. forecast
  • Identification of effects on income statement

Measure success in your purchasing department properly with InitiativeTracker. For further information click here: measure purchasing success with InitiativeTracker.

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