Administer your sourcing initiatives

InitiativeTracker allows you to plan, manage and monitor your sourcing initiatives in a single software solution. In addition, you can measure and document the money you save through these initiatives.

Project management for sourcing initiatives

InitiativeTracker offers a highly specialized project management system for sourcing initiatives. You can use the system to regularly inform management about the status of their activities as well as how much they have saved on raw materials, suppliers, contracts, projects and requests for proposals.

Add transparency to planned and achieved savings

This software is designed to give purchasing directors, controllers, auditors or external consultants a clear overview on:

  • which sourcing initiatives and activities are planned
  • which are already in progress
  • which teams are involved
  • how actual savings compare to the original expectations

Analyze your sourcing initiatives and savings with predefined dashboards and reports

Using sophisticated savings dashboards, your management can clearly see at any time if your company can achieve the planned savings for all initiatives in the set time frame or if there are delays, unplanned investments or other problems implementing them in individual business areas, teams or categories.

The analyses also show how strongly the purchasing organization was mobilized through these initiatives and if there is any room for improvement.

Integrate InitiativeTracker with Spend Control centralize access to all data

When you implement Spend Control in combination with PPM, you can automatically import purchasing information to plan sourcing initiatives as well as estimate and calculate savings. You can also integrate InitiativeTracker with other spend management systems such as SAP or Ariba using InitiativeTracker’s standard interfaces.

Manage external sourcing consultants and calculate fees based on success rates

InitiativeTracker also helps companies actively manage their sourcing consultants and continuously analyze the progress and results of their work.

Especially when sourcing projects depend on success rates, both partners need a tool that clearly defines the mutual rules and requirements of the sourcing project or program. The tool also allows to plan and control the progress of activities, as well as to document and to measure savings wherever possible.

Certify your savings with InitiativeTracker

InitiativeTracker helps your purchasing department create standardized documentations of all activities. This way, your controllers and internal or external auditors can clearly understand how much you have saved as well as accept and approve that amount or reject it with good reason. The software connects the individual scorecard goals with your savings initiatives, individually listed activities and their results.

Create a central knowledge management solution for enterprise sourcing know-how

Many companies use external consultants to execute sourcing initiatives. In most cases, however, there is no systematic documentation of the methods, savings levers and other important sourcing knowledge that they use.

As a result, your company loses valuable insight and best practices. Since InitiativeTracker is based on Microsoft SharePoint, it provides a centralized, standardized folder system for all sourcing documents as well as comprehensive collaborative capabilities. This provides everything your company needs to:

  • Internalize consultant know-how through standardized documentation
  • Learn from best practices in other areas of your business
  • Exchange knowledge for each category or savings lever
  • Support a collaborative definition and fine-tuning of sourcing initiatives
  • Exchange supplier knowledge more easily
  • and much more ...
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