Outsourcing: Rent a cube manager

Managing a big data solution is no small task. At Orpheus, we provide the strong team of IT and business professionals that you need. An experienced cube manager manages the further development of your BI system in close cooperation with your internal IT.

Our cube managers work closely with various business departments to collect requirement lists for KPIs and analyses, assess them for plausibility, and clarify the implementation with IT.

  • Outsource spend controls to Orpheus experts
  • Delegate routine tasks and data management to specialists
  • Profit from extensive expertise
DataCategorizer - Professional Services, Rent a cube manager
Scope of service

Cube managers are employees of Orpheus and serve as the single point of contact for all questions and concerns regarding a BI application. They also act as the prime liasson between IT and business departments.

Planning and coordinating analyses

Cube managers coordinate new reporting requirements with IT and business departments.

Creating analyses
and KPIs

Cube managers create analyses and, if necessary, new KPIs on their own.

Monitoring ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load)

Cube managers monitor the process of extracting ERP data and loading it to the Orpheus cube.

Validating data uploads into the Orpheus cube

Cube managers work together with business departments to validate data loaded into the cube and check the reports based on it.

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