Cyberwar - BOTs conquer procurement

Cyberwar - BOTs erobern den Einkauf

A rather sensational title for this whitepaper, in which we not only want to describe how so-called (ro)BOTs can help you in daily business - but in which we also examine BOTs critically. While dealing with digitization on a daily basis, we keep noticing that many people have now set up a kind of „technology faith“, which drives strange excesses.

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Are we still aware of what distinguishes us from machines? We at Orpheus develop top technology and BOTs ourselves, but we also have a clear idea of their meaning and purpose. BOTs should be assistants to organize unmanageable amounts of data for us, recognize patterns in data, point out certain developments or submit proposals. In the end, however, there is always a real person who evaluates these „proposals“ and makes final decisions based on their own experiences and knowledge. So please do not let your digital assistants unconsciously gain the upper hand. Technology must always...