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Transparency, KPIs & Spend Analytics in the Orpheus.Cloud

Kategorie: Spend Analysis | Dauer: 2:32 min

What already constitutes an important standard in many companies in the functional areas of marketing, sales or finance remains largely denied to the procurement departments:

A professional controlling software as well as an effective data analysis in a clear presentation!

Established reporting solutions often consist of Excel spreadsheets and manually collected datasets, which do not allow complete transparency and offer neither in-depth analysis nor attractive visualizations.

Orpheus has now a remedy for this with the new cloud-based solution Orpheus.Cloud / Spend Analytics.

The uncomplicated introduction of the Orpheus.Cloud guarantees independence from the IT department. Long and complex implementation projects are therefore not necessary and the daily business is not charged additionally.

Data import is quick and easy using Excel files. These data are assigned to our stored evaluation model and thus made comparable.

Afterwards, the data cube will be created and your data will be immediately available for first reports and visualizations. A solid data model forms the basis for meaningful analyzes. The DataCategorizer feature of the Orpheus.Cloud allows your data to be cleaned up, harmonized and structured to create complete transparency.

The cloud-based software offers visually prepared dashboards and reports, with which strategic buyers always have an overview of all important KPIs of the product groups and thus can identify optimization potential.


  • Due to its easy setup Orpheus.Cloud is quick and easy to use.
  • The predefined dashboards include all key metrics and analyzes such as ABC-Analysis or Spend trends.
  • We solve your data quality and transparency problems using our AI methods and intelligent algorithms.
  • With Orpheus.Cloud you are able to convert savings potentials into initiatives to visualize these hard savings in the P&L.

Please contact us for more information on Orpheus.Cloud or regarding our on-premise products Spend Control, DataCategorizer and initiative tracker.

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