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Overview „Orpheus Supplier Data Management“

Category: Data Management | Dauer: 01:17 min

Hello, and welcome to our video on transparency and our Semantic Data Management.

In this video we will take a closer look at the supplier management and how to efficiently improve the structuring of supplier data. Via our Orpheus algorithms similar, identical and related supplier master data can be consolidated and classified automatically.

This is done with the aid of our Orpheus Supplier Knowledgebase, a database that contains collected information from 10 years of expertise. Manual, often tedious routine tasks such as supplier consolidation can largely be automated. Additional manual customizing is also supported by an easy to use software tool.

Our Supplier Data Management tool enables you to detect duplicates and similarly written suppliers and subsequently groups and hierarchise them. Without this intelligent consolidation of suppliers, efficient bundling and spend benchmarks as well as meaningful Spend Analysis and Reporting’s are largely impossible.


  • Supplier Master Data Management
  • Consolidation & Grouping of suppliers
  • Vendor Tree (Supplier Family Tree)
  • Detektion of duplikates
  • Data Cleansing & Enrichment

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