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Orpheus SpendCube – Transparency for Partners & Consultants

Category: Data Management | Duration: 3:47 m

Consulting projects in procurement usually start with the creation of an Excel based Spend Cube.

However, this approach is…

  • time-consuming …
  • tedious manual work resulting in a static makeshift Excel-solution…
  • Which is not refreshable if the customer wants to feed new data in …
  • and often delivers only very rough spend transparency …
  • with no KPIs except for one KPI, namely “Spend”.

Orpheus provides the perfect solution to help consultants create Spend Cubes and speed up transparency & spend analytics Projects!

Our cloud-based Spend.Cube software for Spend & Cost Analytics enables you to create a SpendCube within minutes! You can a chieve fine granular transparency which lays the foundation for synergy and potential analysis.

As a cloud-based application Orpheus.SpendCube can also be hosted as a white-labeled solution for consultants in a private cloud environment.

Orpheus.Spend Cube is ready-to-go in no time and allows easy manual upload of Excel-Files containing ERP- / FINANCE data on line-item level. To create the spend cube, the data files are mapped to our analysis model and subsequently provide full spend transparency.

Data can also be imported automatically from various, heterogenous ERP-systems. Orpheus.SpendCube is capable of processing procurement data such as invoices and purchase orders in different currencies and languages. The Orpheus.SpendCube will automatically convert all currencies into the reporting currency and calculate all relevant currency effects.

The integrated DataCategorizer applies technologies like text mining, dynamic rules, analogy mapping, artificial neural networks, web crawling bots and the Orpheus Knowledge Base to automatically cleanse, consolidate, enrich and classify spend data allowing for full transparency of the company's overall spend.

DataCategorizer also automatically detects duplicate suppliers and consolidates subsidiaries to their parent companies creating a supplier hierarchy. This makes it easy for consultants to unlock bundling potentials.

Our cloud-based solution offers visually appealing out-of-the-box and pre-defined reports and dashboards. Consultants and their clients will not only have a fully featured SpendCube, but also multiple dashboards and an overview of the most important KPIs.

Identifying synergy- and savings potentials is now an easy exercise in your consulting project.

Orpheus.SpendCube is a dynamic and living solution – data can be refreshed at any time to update all KPIs and potential analyses.

  • START NOW – ready to use: The Cloud-based infrastructure allows for immediate use of all Spend Analytics dashboards & KPIs.
  • BE FAST – build a spend cube in less than 1 day: The Implementation time is less than 1 day!
  • REFRESHABLE – update with new data at any time: The tool is easy-to-use and the SpendCube is refreshable, so you can continuously update your data.
  • AUTOMATION – spend classification, KPI calculation … Orpheus.SpendCube automates the process of creating transparency by using AI-based classification algorithms as well as supplier data management.
  • DASHBOARDS & KPI – all you need for spend analysis: Orpheus.SpendCube contains many pre-configured dashboards and procurement KPIs made for advanced spend & cost analytics, which are ready to use
  • PROVEN SOLUTION – flexible, robust and innovative: We have a proven track record of successfully generating multi-million savings and constantly detecting new areas of potentials with our clients and partners.

If you are interested in becoming an Orpheus-partner, feel free to contact us via mail or phone-call! For more information visit www.orpheus-it.com.

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