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BME Webinar - Digitalisation of strategic procurement (EN subtiteled)

Category: Data Management | Duration: 1:01:40 h

Live webinar "Digitalisation of strategic procurement".

Whether in a corporate environment or in a medium-sized enterprise - Digitization is THE key to transparency and efficiency. This leads to various potentials and opportunities in many different business units -, particularly in strategic procurement.

In our video, you will learn how Orpheus can support you in digitizing your strategic procurement by applying different AI methods. Olaf-Matthias Isemer, Director Procurement Non-Food, Board Member (Intersnack Procurement, will give valuable insights on the digitization project at Intersnack and what crucial benefits strategic procurement can draw from it.

What are the necessary steps to efficiently digitize strategic procurement? Which challenges may occur and what are the most important benefits of digitization with the help of Orpheus solutions?

Find out how ...

  • … AI algorithms cleanse and structure procurement data,
  • … BOTs consolidate your suppliers and automatically create a supplier hierarchy,
  • … we can help you establish a foundation for advanced analytics and automate tedious strategic tasks.

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