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Video to the BME webinar "SpendControl-Small business - professional procurement controlling for SMEs in the cloud!" (DE)

Category: Analytic & Ro(BOTs) | Duration: 56:51 m

Find out
- how the proven procurement transparency of Orpheus can now be mapped easily and without much effort in the cloud
- how you can also implement integrated spend analytics and initiative management for your procurement team in SMEs so that you will have a look at all the important procurement key figures & KPIs in the future.

Procurement controlling for SMEs: Orpheus GmbH presents the brand new solution "SpendControl - Small business" in the BIP webinar, on Thursday, February 01, 2018.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) also have a right to professional analysis and procurement controlling methods. Established solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises often consist of Excel tables, which do not allow transparency much too often and offer few analyses and visualizations.

The BME magazine "BIP-Best in procurement" and the Orpheus GmbH cordially invite to the live-webinar. Find out what "SpendControl - Small Business" can do for your procurement success and get a first impression of how easy it will be for you to create resilient reporting for your business in the future.

Added value for your procurement

  • Increase data quality
  • Create the basis for meaningful reporting and comparability of your data.

  • Create Data transparency
  • Achieve transparency by cleaning, harmonizing and validating your data.

  • Finding & raising Savings potential
  • Identify & raise your savings potential and generate hard savings.

  • Minimize Resource Usage
  • No resource use of your IT necessary and easy to use for your specialist department.

  • Simple data import
  • Through a robust interface for importing Excel-based data.

  • Efficient data processing
  • Through largely automated consolidation & classification.

  • Dashboards & Key Figures
  • Get a quick overview of your KPIs & key figures.

  • Resilient analyses
  • In-depth analysis to find the largest cost drivers.

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