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Video on the BME webinar "Digitisation and its impact on strategic procurement" (DE)

Category: Analytic & Ro(BOTs) | Duration: 01:04:53 h

We would like to invite you to participate in the live webinar, which we organize together with the BME and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bremer from TH Nuremberg:

Digitisation and its impact on strategic procurement

Digital transformation affects all sectors and divisions. Of course, it also has a significant impact on the future orientation and expectations of procurement. This is also evidenced by the Orpheus study, which we are going to on 21.09.2017 in the BIP webinar.

As part of our study "Big data analytics in strategic procurement", we identified the key aspects and drivers of digitisation in procurement in the dialogue with procurement decision makers in the market.

In the webinar, we will present the essential findings of this. In particular, we are discussing pragmatic implementation aspects of a roadmap along the digital transformation. This extends from data delivery to the already automatable data preparation and subsequent analysis up to automated methods to identify abnormalities with so-called (RO) bots. These propose initiatives, which can be managed and analyzed within an InitiativeTracker.

In the context of a professional digitisation, the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) is also not over. All of this is easily understandable, including live presentations during our webinar.

Added value for your procurement

  • The current study "Big data analytics in Strategic procurement"
  • The results of the survey in a total of 500 companies are available. What is important to you and your colleagues in strategic purchasing?

  • Your roadmap for digitisation in strategic procurement
  • Practical recommendations for self-positioning and planning. Where do I stand today, how can I continue?

  • Leave important routine tasks immediately to BOTs (robots)
  • The future has already begun. Let's show you what's going on today.

  • Suggest appropriate initiatives from the system
  • What is Orpheus working on? What do the first solutions look like?

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