Video on the BME webinar „BOTs (RoBOTs) & Advanced Analytics in strategic procurement“ (DE)

from Orpheus GmbH | Category: Analytic & Ro(BOTs) | Duration: 59:42 m

Artificial intelligence in practical use: Orpheus GmbH and experts from industrial companies discuss together on Thursday, April 27th, 2017, in the BIP webinar highly topical scenarios from the application practice.

Methods of artificial intelligence and big data analytics for your strategic procurement

In procurement, more and more data is coming from the multitude of systems used (ERP systems, electronic catalogs, eProcurement, contract management, SRM systems, etc.) but in many companies it has not yet been used insufficiently or at all.

In the meantime, very powerful artificial intelligence methods are available to support strategic buyers intelligently and precisely in many problems.

Bots (robots) recognize, for example, automatic abnormalities and provide hints for savings and efficiency potentials. They ...

  • propose proposals for action,
  • show potential and
  • automate routine activities.

Live Webinar "BOTs (Robots) & Advanced Analytics in strategic procurement"

Against this background, the BME magazine "BIP-Best in procurement" and the Orpheus GmbH had invited to the live-webinar. You will find out in detail how you can make the best possible use of inadequate savings and efficiency potentials to date.

Added value for your procurement

  • Pattern recognition in large amounts of data
  • Thus, even in complex structures and large amounts of data, dormant potentials can be discovered and lifted.

  • Time Savings through automated analysis
  • Time is better invested in interpreting the results and deriving them into efficient initiatives that significantly increase the added value of the procurement.

  • Routine review of complex issues
  • Elaborate analyses are too rare due to scarce resources or little time. This is what BOTs can do to procurement. Man and machine work hand in hand.

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