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Spend Matters Solution Map Q3 is out and we are officially recognized as Value Leader in Spend and Procurement Analytics in our first-ever participation!

“We are very proud to be recognized as a Value Leader in Spend and Procurement Analytics. Our position within the Solution Map reflects our striving for relentless customer satisfaction. It also confirms our solutions’ high-quality abilities in generating true added value - fast!” says Dr. Jörg Dittrich, Founder & Managing Partner at Orpheus

This assumption can be supported by our outstanding customer feedback: Our top tier positioning in the customer scoring confirms that our customers are highly satisfied with our client-centric focus, our ability to deliver fast time-to-value and our high-quality solutions for spend and procurement analytics for maximum business impact.

Souce: Spend Matters 2019 Q3 Solution Map for Spend and Procurement Analytics

“Big all-in-one suite vendors may also offer modules for spend analytics, yet they cannot focus on advanced analytics covering every single aspect of procurement like a specialist provider”, says Christian Ruck, COO & Managing Partner at Orpheus.

“Being a highly specialist player enables us to be more flexible and scalable and to deliver a faster time-to-value. However, in our current projects, we often encounter the scenario of companies already having prominent suites in use and adding on Orpheus analytics modules to get much deeper insights into their data”, says Joerg Mengeler, Head of Product Management at Orpheus.

About Spend Matters – Solution Intelligence for Procurement
Spend Matters is the leading solution intelligence source for procurement and supply chain professionals, combining deep technology analysis and tailored advisory services with daily news coverage and subscription research. Spend Matters is owned and managed by Azul Partners, Inc.

About Orpheus
Orpheus GmbH is the leading software vendor for spend & savings analytics and tracking, procurement performance management as well as measurement. Its AI-based algorithms, Analysis BOTs and semantic data management suite enable procurement professionals to gain increased transparency, get new insights from their data and recognize hidden savings potentials. Orpheus was founded by Dr. Joerg Dittrich and Michael Lauer in 2005. The company is based in Nuremberg, Germany.

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