What exactly is called "Success of Negotiations"?

We can speak of negotiation successes if we can obtain discounts compared to current offers or actual pricing through systematic, purchase-related methods (and skill). So-called competitive effects in the sense of price variances or price ranges of a bid can be measured via key success indicators and final negotiation success with suppliers.

Success can produce competitive effects through bids or execute contract negotiations with suppliers in a well-prepared manner, e.g. with benchmarks (comparative figures) or bundling potentials.

Spend Control - Advanced Analytics, Transparency & KPIs

Spend Control 2022

Spend Control is a complete Procurement Controlling and Spend Management solution. It provides all functions, KPIs and measures needed for professional Spend Analysis.

With its standardized ERP interfaces you can connect the spend cube of Spend Control within a short time frame to any ERP system (e.g. SAP, Navision, Oracle etc.).

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