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What is meant by Spend Analysis & Spend Management?

Spend management refers to spend and procurement management in the Anglo-American sphere. Spend management is often used in combination with Savings Management.

Spend management improves the transparency of the procurement volume as well as pricing and quantities of all areas of the company worldwide. It serves the structured analysis of supplier expenditures with the goal of identifying and monitoring cost reduction and optimization as well as taking appropriate steps, e.g. to:

  • Optimize the supplier base,
  • Execute bids for certain potential fields,
  • Introduce pricing negotiations,
  • (Re)negotiate framework agreements or
  • Optimize working capital
Dashboards & Insights - Advanced Analytics, Transparency & KPIs

Dashboards & Insights

Dashboards & Insights is a complete Procurement Controlling and Spend Management solution. It provides all functions, KPIs and measures needed for professional Spend Analysis.

With its standardized ERP interfaces you can connect the spend cube of Dashboards & Insights within a short time frame to any ERP system (e.g. SAP, Navision, Oracle etc.).

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Here you will find important terms related to spend management explained in a clear way. Small knowledge base for quick information or in full for your further education. This controlling glossary is constantly being expanded and improved.

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