What does Single Sourcing mean?

Single Sourcing describes the procurement of certain goods from a single supplier.

In most cases, this makes sense if you are striving for a close partnership with this supplier, or if other strategic advantages are expected. For example:

  • A supplier development is planned with this supplier (i.e. quality leadership)
  • The supplier has been involved from the product development phase onward
  • The order volume from this supplier is already very high, so that bundling potentials can be used
  • There are advantages regarding total cost of ownership: less effort concerning transactions, deliveries, etc. through routine operations, basic agreements, etc.
  • Only this supplier produces the desired quality for the desired price
  • The customer expects precisely this component in their final product, for example an engine that only this supplier manufactures
  • If a supplier supplies multiple components for a whole system, a higher compatibility can be expected
  • etc.
SpendControl 2020
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