What does Initiative Management mean in procurement context?

Initiative management involves the planning, management, and measuring of (strategic) procurement projects. Purchasers can define projects, initiatives, and actions, provide activities for achieving them and initiatives with target values for key indicators (e.g. targeted savings).

Based on a multilevel process for the degree of implementation , initiatives can be updated and (measured with probabilities) success can be measured.

In addition to the term "initatives" the following terms are often used: procurement initiatives, purchasing initiatives, procurement projects, purchasing projects

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InitiativeTracker is a full featured suite for planning, steering, controlling and administering of sourcing initiatives. You can use this software to plan and create sourcing initiatives, define savings targets, assign responsible staff members or teams to initiatives, determine sourcing levers, set activities and milestones, as well as monitor and analyze them easily by using innovative visualizations and dashboards.
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