• 18. - 19. September 2019, Amsterdam
    Digital Procurement World (DPW)
    Accelerate digital transformation with intelligent AI Methods & BOTs in leading Smart Analytics, Spend & Performance Management for more Speed, Agility and Power in strategic procurement.

  • 13. - 15. November 2019, Berlin
    54. BME-Symposium 2019
    What are the added values that procurement & SCM are providing today and in the future? Discuss with us: What is the added value of procurement and SCM today and in the future? How do we prepare the ground for a new mindset and sustainable change under new conditions?

    - How is data used (even better) and what are the right KPIs for Controlling & Performance Management?
    - Where are the added values and limits of the consistent use of eSolutions and new technologies?

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