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As you know KnowHow or Knowledge results from the combination of information and experience. We want to share our KnowHow with you as information is our daily bread. Our experience is the outcome of scientific work, research, numerous customer projects and the dialogue with you. So you find relevant and interesting topics around strategic procurement in this area.

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Semantic Data Management Overview
Semantic Data Management Overview
Text-based material clustering, item classification and Linear Performance Pricing with Orpheus DataCategorizer
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Category Management Overview
Category Management Overview
Increase data transparency with the help of the AI and the text mining method of the Orpheus DataCategorizer
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In the Orpheus video portal you will find videos that explain our products clearly. In addition to product videos, you will also find complete webinars.

Orpheus Blog - Procurement Intelligence

4 Steps: Predictive Analytics in Procurement
Identify interdependencies, support forecasts, detect price risks early on and illustrate savings potentials with correlation and regression calculations - Predictive Analytics im Einkauf - Zusammen mit Umfang und Bedeutung des Einkaufs wächst ...
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Indirect Purchasing: Transparency, potential analysis and performance measurement
In many companies, the purchase of so-called direct materials that are incorporated into the final products is part of the core business ...
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In this blog you will find expert knowledge about initiative management and project management in strategic procurement. InitiativeTracker is a software for planning and monitoring your sourcing initiatives, controlling your procurement organization and measuring your procurement performance.

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Orpheus Whitepaper

In the Orpheus Whitepapers you get our collected knowledge about Spend Management, Initiative Management and Procurement Intelligence clearly to download as PDF.

Expert Knowledge: Alphabetical glossary

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Orpheus Glossary

Here you will find important terms related to spend management explained in a clear way. Small knowledge base for quick information or in full for your further education. This controlling glossary is constantly being expanded and improved.

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