Spend management and Procurement controlling

The next generation of spend management software.

"At Orpheus, our goal is to bring more transparency into your purchasing data. This will enable you to maximize your savings and procurement efficiency."

With SpendControl you can:

spend cube for spend visibility

1. Create full spend visibility

  • full transparency for spend, prices & quantity
  • purchase bundling & frame agreements
  • maverick buying
  • internal and external benchmarking
spend & performance measurement

2. Measure any kind of saving

  • MPV – material price variance
  • material price changes
  • budget savings
  • negotiation successes
  • index savings
cpo reporting

3. View all KPIs at a glance

  • evaluation of prices and spend variances
  • cost driver identification
  • currency effects or raw material impact
  • analysis of inventory, payment terms & targets

4. Present perfect reportings

  • manager optimized report visualization
  • automatic report generation and distribution
  • ad hoc queries
  • data mining
Software for Spend Management and Purchasing Controlling

How to proceed:

What is SpendControl?

SpendControl is a complete Procurement Controlling and Spend Management solution. It provides all functions, KPIs and measures needed for professional Spend Analysis.

With its standardized ERP interfaces you can connect the spend cube of SpendControl within a short time frame to any ERP system (e.g. SAP, Navision, Oracle etc.).

A large library of proven purchasing KPIs and reports enables you to perform any kind of spend, price or savings analysis with only a few clicks.

By enhancing new insight into your spend data and automating procurement analyses, SpendControl provides the platform for significant cost savings.

Online Presentation for SpendControl

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